A discussion about regulation wheels and non-regulation wheels

No more than 5.0 ounces right?

Finishing touches

Here's the track

Wolf Leader, Sean stayed up until 3:00 AM putting the finishing touches on it. LOOOKING GOOOD

A few of the participants

A few more cars

On Your Mark

On Your Mark (again)

On Your Mark (again)

The yellow one is a school bus with yellow tinited windows :)

Get Set

Get Set (still)

Get Set (again)

The crowd is getting restless


Get Out of the Way - NO BRAKES AHHHHHHH!!!

Bottom of the hill

Nearing the end

It's Gonna be close

Here they come

Looks like the red car is in the lead. What do you think?

Final Stretch

Here They Are 1-2-3

Who's first?


It took 1.204 seconds to change all four tires :)

Da Da Da Da Da da Da da Dat

Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.


Be here saaaame bat time - saaaame bat channel for next year's Pinewood Derby race.

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