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Camp Shands

 (352) 475-1212

1435 Baden Powell Road, Melrose FL

-Take Interstate 95 South for about 30 miles to the SR-207 exit (#94)
-Take the SR-207 exit- exit number 94- towards PALATKA.
Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. Head West / Southwest toward Hastings/Palatka for about 20 miles.
Road will go through Hastings and continue on for a number of miles until it "deadends" at a traffic light at the intersection of US 17 / US 100. (divided highway).
-Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-17 (also called US 100) and go about 2 miles West toward Palatka and the bridge.
Cross bridge at Palatka. Continue on U.S. 17 through the town for about 2 1/2 miles. US 17 and 100 split. You will turn to the left at a traffic light onto U.S. 100 there are two left turning lanes for US 100 and you can see McDonalds on the left (on US 100). Travel West / NW on US 100 for about 21 miles.
-Turn left onto SR 26. Head toward Melrose about 5 - 6 miles. You will come to a stop light. This is SR 21.

-Turn left (south) and head for about 2 - 3 miles.

-Turn left onto Baden Powell Rd. Head east on Baden Powell Road for about 1 1/2 -2 1/2 miles.

The Camp main gates are big and you can't miss them on the right.