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Leadership Meetings - Minutes and Notes


Pack 303

Leader Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2002


Attendees:        Elvin (Eddy) Caraballo            Cub Master

                        Steve Feliciano                       Assistant Cub Master

                        Sheridan Kernop                    Committee Chair

                        Sean Engleman                       Wolf Den Leader

                        Dan Cummings                       Tiger Den Leader

8:00am Meeting Started – Eddy outlined the objective of this meeting is to establish the 2002-2003 Scout Year Pack 303 changes in the Chain of Command.

The following position changes are known at this time:

Position   Current Change Reason
Committee Chair   Bambi Hobgood Sheridan Kernop Moving to Troop303
Treasurer  Brenda McAdoo Brenda McAdoo  
Awards Chair Nadine Roth Maureen Pickering   Moving to Troop 303
Cub Master Mike Hobgood Elvin (Eddy) Caraballo Moving to Troop 303
Assistant Cub Master Eddy Caraballo   Steve Feliciano Change to Cub Master
Webelos Den Leader  Delores Schmittling  Michael Mihalic Moving to Troop 303
Asst. Webelos DL Michael Mihalic  TBD Change to Webelos Leader
Bear Den Leader Scott Hoch Dave Pickering Declined to continue wants time off
Asst. Bear DL Dawn Hoch TBD Declined to continue wants time off
Wolf Den Leader Ed Brooks  Dan Cummings  
Asst. Wolf DL Sean Engelmann TBD  Change to Tiger Leader
Tiger Den Leader Dan Cummings Sean Engelmann Change to Wolf Leader
Asst. Tiger DL Brian O’Shea  TBD Relocating out of area


The remaining positions will be determined prior to the end of the 2001-2002 Scout year:


Activities Chair *

Advancement Chair

Membership Chair  *

Pack News Letter Chair

*Joanne Cummings has been nominated for the position of Activities Chair.

*Sheridan Kernop will take on the Membership Chair duties until a replacement is determined.

There are also several “One Time” chair duties that will need to be filled through the year. The Membership Chair will publish a complete list of the “One Time” positions for review and volunteer sign that will be open to the Leaders and all of the Akelas/Parents.

All changes will take affect May 20th which will be our last 2001-2002 Scout year Pack Meeting. We will organize a Pack Family Event to be held at the end of the Scout Year where all of the known changes will be announced.

There will also be two (2) MANDATORY LEADER MEETINGS held prior to the end of the 2001-2002 Scout year (June/July)

1. To discuss Leader Commitment and ensure complete understanding of their Role & Responsibilities for the 2002-2003 Scout year.

2. This will be a training meeting to explain and assist in Leader preparedness for the 2002-2003 Scout year, this will be followed up in August with a second training meeting to verify & validate Leader preparedness.


Several of the changes/issues that will be addressed and mandated for the 2002-2003 Scout year are:

1.      All new family’s/members will receive a New Member Information Packet that has been put together by our Committee Chair S. Kernop and contains all the information necessary to help.

2.      Dues will be $5.00 per month beginning in August and paid in the first week of every month. We will also have an option of prepaying $55.00 for the year at that time.

3.      Meeting will start at 7:00pm sharp and clean up will begin at no later than 10 minutes till 8:00pm. A meeting agenda will be given to all Leaders and Parents and will be adhered to as much as possible.

4.      All Leaders will be required to have the 2002-2003 Cub Scouts Program Helps. It will be utilized as the base planner for the entire year. Each Den Leader will submit a meeting agenda for their Den, for the following weeks meeting to the Cub Master

5.      Uniforms will be required at meetings and a comprehensive plan will be developed for a gradual buildup of complete “Class A’ uniforms for all Leaders, Asst. Leaders, Committee Members and Cub Scouts. This plan will be provided to everyone prior to the end of the 2001-2002 Scout year.

6.      All events (camping, trips, fund raisers, etc.) will have a plan that includes supplies, dress code, and a schedule of activities.

7.      Round Table will require mandatory coverage by every Den; if the Leader is not able to attend they must designate a replacement for representation in their place.

8.      A Web Site committee will be organized and commissioned by the end of the 2001-2002 Scout year. Please let Eddy or Sheridan know if you are interested.

9.      The third meeting of every month will be an awards preparation meeting and all awards due that month must be turned in that week or they will not be presented at the monthly pack meeting. This meeting will require all leaders to be at the Scout Hut by 6:45pm.

10.  The Third meeting of every month will be a mandatory parent meeting where all awards due a Cub Scout will be discussed for presentation by their Den Leader at the Pack Meeting the last Monday of each month (this will be discussed in detail during the training meetings) and pinned on the Scouts uniform.

11.  All banquets for the 2002-2003 Scout year will require the purchase of a ticket in advance of the event. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed to partake of the meal. The tickets will also make the holder eligible for prizes that will be raffled at each event. So the more tickets that are purchased the more chances the holder has to win prizes.

12.  An additional Attendance Bead will be given to each Cub Scout whose parent attends each meeting.


The meeting ended at 11:00 am.

Dan Cummings

Tiger Den Leader

Pack 303

Leader Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2002